LISTEN UP CUZ “WE THE PEOPLE” HAVE DEMANDS (and a great reality TV idea)


We the people have decided that before you will be permitted to represent us and our families you must first live for a period of no less then “1 year” as an average 65 and older couple in this country. You will be permitted no additional funds, perks, or favors. Your yearly income will be based on the overall average of all retired and partially retired Americans living in this country today. (more than fair, I promise) You will pay the same exorbitant drug prices and be routinely screwed by your insurance company. You will clean your own homes, tend your own yards, and wash your own cars. Additionally you will walk your dog. (do NOT forget to carry the little blue bag when you do as you are also absolutely responsible for scooping up). We also expect…nay demand…that you make all your own phone calls to insurance, cable, and every other pain in the neck company employing scripted representatives who do absolutely nothing for you. One year of your current bank account will be donated to the federal deficit. (no problem because you’re now on the new living plan we have given you which matches ours….pretty much… so you won’t be needing yours.

If….Dear Server of the Public…you still wish to run for or maintain political office we will be out here in the real world awaiting you with open arms.

PS. For myself I’d really, really, love it if we could also film you 24/7 just to see how well you’re making the adjustment from your life to ours. But….that’s just me. Still, you might wanna consider. I mean….it would keep you in front of the cameras, right?


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